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Phone Contact


This is usually free.


We can give general advice regarding any problem you may have and suggest a service that will meet your needs.

We can also arrange a visit to your home that will be convenient for you to discuss the matter further.


Initial Consultation /

General Advice

from £20 / hour

Our time is valuable to both you and ourselves. That’s why we charge a consultation fee. Usually we will visit you in your home and discuss your requirements as well as taking a look at your PC. If the problem is simple we may even be able to provide you with a solution on the spot.


Virus Cleaning

from £25 / hour

Removing viruses can be either easy or extremely complex. Normally we will recommend taking your PC away to be cleaned but you will only be charged for actual work done. Alternatively we can agree a fixed price during the initial consultation.


Internet Security Package

from £40

There are 3 main areas where you can suffer internet intrusion, viruses etc, spyware, & direct attack.


We offer the installation of a virus guard, a spyware removal tool and a firewall to prevent attack.


You can choose from our basic package where we install and configure freeware tools that are more than up to the task, or if you prefer we can install market products of your choice at the additional cost of the packages themselves.


Wireless Broadband Security


There are a wide variety of routers, modems and other broadband devices with a number of different protocols. Some of these a open to attack. Without your knowledge a neighbour or someone passing your home could connect to your PC or network and steal data or services from you.


Dependant upon what configuration you have we can offer security advice or solutions that will secure you from these threats.


Home Network Setup


We can offer advice on networking products to buy, buy them for you, and install and configure them for you.


Web Site design and set-up


Creating a basic website on a free domain server is a simple task. However the price very much depends upon your requirements. Additional costs for personal domain names (eg www.mysite.com) will carry a cost as will use of visual effects, databases, cgi etc.


We can discuss all of your needs at the initial consultation.


PC Repairs & Configuration

from £25 / hour + parts

Depending upon your extract needs, we can upgrade your PC to any specification. We can supply & install any PC component or peripheral, or just install them if you already have made a purchase.