Stephen Journeys on

29 years old and still going strong

2007 has been a good year for Stephen. His carers are very patient with his unpredictable behaviour. They have tried various methods to encourage him to sleep through the night with negative results. But sleepless nights don’t usually stop him from having eventful days. Apart from the odd cold and upset tummy he has generally been in good health, thus enabling him to have some new experiences.


In  November we put together a book summarising Stephen’s life and achievements for display at New Prospects Association’s AGM. With text and pictures it showed some of the most interesting happenings in 2007. Most notable of these being meeting Alan Shearer of Newcastle United football team fame.




Stephen with carer, Mabel, at the match

Stephen with care manager Michelle, Carer Philip, fellow resident Derek and Alan Shearer

Stephen with Alan Shearer in the garden of the Alan Shearer centre for people with disabilities run by St Cuthberts Care in Newcastle upon Tyne.


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